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Specialist Ronon Dex

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[TM] 161 - The Morning After [Jan. 12th, 2007|10:38 am]
Specialist Ronon Dex
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((NOTE: Takes place after SATEDA, and is based off of RP version of canon with a guest appearance by irish_sherlock.))

Ronon couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so sore in his life...except for that one time on Hythia when a group of Wraith had hit him particularly hard. He’d been forced to go to ground for nearly a week just to tend his own wounds...

Stirring, he bit back a noise of discomfort as he opened his eyes to find himself flat on his back...in the Atlantis infirmary with no memory of having gotten there. Last he remembered, he was in the puddle jumper...

Turning his head to the side, he saw one of the Rileys at his bedside, scribbling something on a clipboard. He had to wait until the man’s arm shifted to display his forearm, brandishing the flaming bulldog tattoo that marked him as Jim.

Glancing up, he grinned at Ronon good-naturedly. “Welcome back, Rip Van Winkle.”

Ronon frowned at that, momentarily confused. It wasn’t uncommon...the Riley brothers always confused him. “Who?”

“I’ll tell you later.” he chuckled, setting the clipboard with his chart back on the end of his bed. “How you feeling?”

“I hurt. A lot.”

“Good. Right on schedule then. You got your ass royally kicked, bro.”

Ronon shut his eyes again, shifting restlessly as he turned his face away from Jim, remembering. “Guess I did.” He paused, frowning curiously at the odd stillness surrounding them...a subdued, expectant air that he wasn’t sure he recognized. “How’d I get here?”

“Medical team brought you in soon as you got back to the city. You passed out in the puddle jumper, that’s what Doc Braveheart tells me. Doped you up besides that to keep you out long enough to get some rest...with good reason, I’d say. You’d never have rested willingly.”

“What time is it?”

“‘Bout four AM...you’ve been out for approximately fourteen hours.”

Ronon shut his eyes, swallowing hard. The night had already come, and it was the dawn of a new day. The walking nightmares should be behind him now...but they still felt as close as the sun he could almost sense creeping into the sky. That’s what he felt...the ever-present hope that a new day brought, hushed and reverent. It wrapped the world in a cloak of quiet beauty before the sun came up and life took over thought and feeling.

He and Melina had seen so many mornings together, just that way...quiet and hopeful, and completely happy.


Startled by the quiet, sad note in Jim’s voice, he turned to face him without meaning to. What he saw in his eyes was so close to what he felt, it almost moved him to speak.

“Listen...I know what happened out there. And for what it’s worth...it gets easier.”

Ronon found himself confused again. “What does?”

“The demons...you face one, you can face ‘em all. Just one at a time.” Jim paused, then patted Ronon’s shoulder good-naturedly, his features oddly sober. “And I’d say you got one big one down, brother.”

He didn’t answer as Jim finished looking him over and adjusting the medications being fed into his arm by IV.

“What was her name?”


“The girl, Ronon...there was a girl.”

He almost didn’t answer...but the look in his eyes... “Melina.”

Jim just nodded, facing Ronon one last time. “Well...if it makes you feel better, I’ll toss the Big Guy a prayer for her soul. He ain’t an Ancestor...but He’s a real good listener when ya need him, dig it?”

He’d heard a little about the god that the Rileys and some of the other humans from Earth worshiped...and he knew what Jim was offering. “Thank you.”

Grinning, Jim pointed at him warningly. “Get out of that bed and I’ll beat your ass myself...get some rest, bud.”

Ronon nodded, but as Jim walked away, he simply lay there, staring at the ceiling.

With Sateda’s ghost still dancing through his memory, poisoning his soul...he knew rest without more drugs wouldn’t be coming for a very long time.

Muse: Ronon Dex
Fandom: Stargate ATLANTIS
Words: 671