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Specialist Ronon Dex

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[TM] Change Society [Dec. 8th, 2006|10:52 pm]
Specialist Ronon Dex
[mood |calmcalm]

You want to know what I’d change about my society? The arrogance...the belief in our own superiority, in the strength of our civilization. Too many believed in our advancements and our cities, in our science and our development.

Not enough of us believed in the *people*...it wasn’t about Sateda, but the Satedans. Our cities and our weapons and our science weren’t enough to stop the Wraith from coming...it was the strength of a few and the wit of still fewer that got three hundred of my kind to safety. It was the power of the people and the ferocity with which they fought to stay alive that dealt the Wraith such a blow that they had to wipe out everything.

Our guns didn’t stop them and our defense couldn’t keep us safe...but our will to live was so great that the only way they were able to take us was to destroy us completely. It was those of us who believed in our own strength that were the last to be taken...it was those who put faith in themselves that were the very last to die.

I believed in the fight...in facing the Wraith head on. I wasn’t ready to trust Kell and the chieftans to save me and mine...I went out and I killed them. I knew that I might die, but for every second of my life that I wasn’t going to be able to live out, I made sure that *two* of them would die with me.

Many years were repaid in blood during that final fight...but in the end, even though I lost everything...the *only* thing that I held dear? I lived to tell the tale of Sateda’s final stand.

And as painful as it was to revisit my lost life...my one great failure on the streets of those cities...it’s the knowledge that there could have been more which will always haunt me. Just one more...because Melena had too much faith in Sateda, and Sateda didn’t have enough faith in itself to know when the need for survival was greater than the need for pride.

Muse: Ronon Dex
Fandom: Stargate ATLANTIS
Words: 370