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[EM]: Topic 8 - One Person You Couldn't Live Without [Aug. 9th, 2006|10:53 am]
Specialist Ronon Dex
[mood |busy]

I was recently taken hostage by the Wraith for the second time in my life...at least before the third time, which didn’t fall too long after. I was on the hive ship with Dr. McKay, and naturally I was trying to escape. If I didn’t...I’d be Wraith food and I would die.

But as I sat there, struggling within a Wraith cocoon, trying to get to one of the knives they hadn’t managed to take off of me, my motives changed. I stopped fighting less for simple survival...and more to shut McKay the hell up.

I’m trying to remember the word I heard Dr. Beckett use...always being negative...pessimist. That’s it. Rodney McKay is a whiny, *annoying* pessimist, so much so that sometimes I wonder if he’s doing it on purpose or not.

Still...all his moaning and lamenting did light a fire under me. For all I know, it gave me the strength to do what I needed to do in order to get free. Moving in those cocoons is damn near impossible on a *good* day, and I wasn’t having a very good day at the time, know what I mean?

It’s just a part of who he is...and I can’t blame him for that. Plus, for all I know, it saved our lives, so if McKay’s histrionics ended up helping us in the long run? Guess I have to sort of give him credit where credit’s due...but that doesn’t mean that I won’t keep busting him for it.

Literally, if he *really* pisses me off.

Muse: Ronon Dex
Fandom: Stargate: ATLANTIS
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