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Specialist Ronon Dex

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fandom_muses: Topic #16 - Goodbye [Apr. 12th, 2006|10:38 pm]
Specialist Ronon Dex
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He sat in the middle of his quarters, head bowed as he knelt inside a circle of rock salt, a candle burning at his feet and a white crystal in his hands. The salt was the earth below, the candle flame the fires of Purtia, and the crystal the bright and vibrant essence of life itself.

It wasn’t the pyres of Sateda’s holy temples, but it would do.

Praying in his native tongue, Ronon gave careful contemplation to his worship as he lay down his weapon inside the circle, just before the candle, and took a pinch of salt from the ring, sprinkling it into his palm over the crystal.

“The earth on which you lived…where you loved and fought.” He murmured before passing the crystal over the flame. “The fires that tested your spirit, the forge in which you were tempered like fine steel.”

On Sateda, it was believed that life lived in memory…a dead man that was given no funeral would cease to exist in the afterlife without final acknowledgement that his life had, in fact, been lived.

Ronon lowered the crystal towards the candle, letting it scorch the bottom of the glossy stone. “Into the night I send you…remembered and reborn.”

When the base of the stone was black with soot, Ronon carefully turned it over and laid it at the base of the candle. To complete the Satedan funeral rite, it would remain there until the wax drippings of the candle had covered the stone.

“Goodbye, Kell,” he finished, staring darkly into the candle flame, “and good riddance.”

Without a funeral, Kell would cease to be…a soul eradicated.

Ronon would give him his final farewell…he couldn’t give Kell a slow death, but at least he could make sure the bastard burned in the fires of Purtia for the rest of eternity.

Either way…his revenge was complete.

Muse: Ronon Dex
Fandom: Stargate ATLANTIS
Words: 310